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Quality Control


Quality control principle:


*JH-Mech quality control process includes the activities from the suppliers,  through production, and to the customers.

*Incoming materials are examined to make sure they meet the appropriate specifications.

*The quality of partially completed products are analyzed to determine if production processes are functioning properly.

*Finished goods and services are studied to determine if they meet customer expectations.

*Non-conformance cases from root causes are analysed, corrective action plan is made and tracked.

Material control:

Source the material from big material factory, and long term cooperated suppliers, to guarantee the quality and steady of material. Original material certificate with different lot will be required.


Test the material when receive, the material test process including the pre-test, such as the CE rapid analyzer,automatic feeding system; after-test, such as Lab chemical analysis, tensile test, yield test, elongation test, hardness test, impact test, spectrometer analysis, metallurgical structure analysis…

Process control and Final inspection:

Guiding by the production art plan and process flow chart, workers do the self-checking, across-checking, process engineer do the 100% inspection and quality engineer do the random inspection before delivery.


The common inspection tools will be CMM, shadow,  micrometer, goniometer, height tester, surface roughness tester, thread gauge, functional gage…

Referent test according to customer requirement:

Inside defect test such as X-Ray crack detector, magnetic-particle test, salt spray test, life test,shell test, pressure test…