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  • Product Description: High quality Vacuum Molding Iron Sand Casting Gearbox Housing
  • Model Number: JHM-SC-279
  • MOQ: 100Kilogram
  • Supply Ability: 1000Ton/Tons per Month
  • Material: Cast iron & ductile iron
  • Production Process: Green sand & resin sand available
  • Package: Plywooden case or pallet
  • Other Character: Chemical analysis and physical properties
  • Payment:

Product Description

Product Name:   High quality Vacuum Molding Iron Sand Casting Gearbox Housing



Detail Information


green sand & resin sand


For Cast Iron:
China GB9439-88: HT150 / HT200 / HT250
USA ANSI/ASTM-A48-83: No.20 / No.25 / No. 30
German DIN1691-85: GG-15 / GG-20 / GG-25

For Ductile Iron:
China GB1348-88: QT400-18 / QT450-10
USA ANSI/ASTM-A536-84: 60-40-18 / 65-45-12
German DIN1693-1673: GGG-40


Hand molding / Molding machine / Molding line

Industry involved

Valve Parts (Bodies & Discs) / Pump Parts (Bodies & Covers) / Strainers (Bodies & Covers) / Housings / Adaptors / Automotive Parts

Weight Range

0.5kg - 1500kg

Manufacture Certification



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Output of Finished products:

  1. Dimensional report(all dimension/key dimension) ;
  2. Material Certification Report;
  3. Other detailed report like Metallographic test report, Hydro pressure test, sealing test, torque test also available.
Packaging & Shipping

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