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  • Product Description: spring loaded thin wafer swing check valve
  • Model Number: JHM-BFV-024
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Size Range: 1.5”to 24” 
Pressure Rating:10bar-25bar 
Flange accomodation: EN1092 PN10/PN16 OR ANSI 125/150 OR JIS20K 
Face to Face: Industrial standard 
Body: Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Aluminium Bronze 
Disc: SS201,SS304,SS316,Aluminium Bronze 
Seat: NBR,EPDM,Oil&Acid&Alkali resitant VITON-A,Steam resitant VITON-B,Hypalon,PTFE.Metal to Metal

Application: Suitable for installatino in outlet side of higher head pump. Suitablee for water, sea water, steam, oil, chemical, chlorine, oxygen, vacuum.

Can be installed horizontal or vertcal position.