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  • Product Description: Adjustable Multi-functional Movable Bracket For Washing Machine,Refrigerator,Dryer
  • Model Number: JH-WMB-JH201904002Y
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Supply Ability: 1000000 PCS PER MONTH
  • Material: PP ,stainless steel
  • Production Process: Injection molding process
  • Package: Plastic bags and carton box
  • Other Character: high quality
  • Payment:


Adjustable Multi-functional Movable Bracket For Washing Machine,Refrigerator,Dryer
Product Description

The portable washing machine make moving easier with this telescopic furniture dolly! Easily adjust the sturdy stainless steel

bars to fit larger furniture. The rubber swivel wheels make moving large, heavy objects around corners a breeze and the rear

locking wheels ensure your furniture won't roll away! It has a maximum weight limit of 500 lbs and is easy to assemble. 

1.Easily adjust the sturdy stainless steel bar to suit the larger furniture.
2.Maintaining ventilation of the bottom, Anti-rust 
3.Effectively reduce the washing machine vibration and noise its maximum weight
4.limit of 650 lbs
5.Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance and anti-corrosion
6.Best quality and good material guaranteed!

 Height:5 inches
Maximum Width: 28 inches
Maximum Length: 28 inches

Minimum Width: 18 inches
Minimum Length: 18 inches


Installation Notes 
1. Dock 8 Wheels (with the rod), and then the holes are flat on the floor
2. Put 8 Wheels .
3. Lifting feet installed and then loaded 8 fixed plastic screws
4. The length of the product into the product and the need to place the same 
length and width of the product can be.
5. Finally, screw the screw in place, pressure to the bar can be. You're done




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