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JH-Mech Firepit Factory-Small Fire Pit Sphere Outdoor Furniture Steel Fire Globe Metal Sphere

Want a nice firepits sphere in your backyard? Please do not hesitate to leave us a message so that we could make an OEM design for you.


Firepit & Grill






Product Description

          Product Name                                    Firepits,Fire Sphere,Fire ball
                  Diameter                                      600/700/800/900/1000 mm
         Thickness of the plate                                                   3/4/6 mm
           Surface Treatment                    Rusted surface or High temperature resistance paint
                  Weight                                                  80-130 kg
                   Type                                        Fire Bowl,Fire Sphere
                   Base                           Easy cylinder base or OEM casting Base
                   MOQ                                                    10 pcs
WARMTH& COMFORT FOR THOSE WHO YOU LOVE: It will make your family and friends gather in one place to enjoy the moment and feel the warmth.
EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: It is designed precisely so that you can get the wood inside the firepits easily, easy to be cleaned.
KEY ELEMENTS FOR OUR FIREPITS: It is made of high quality 6 mm thickness metal and finished with precision laser cut method. 

OEM Design Firepits

The outdoor wood-burning firepits/fire sphere/fire ball will add an unique focal pointto your outdoor entertaining space. It features a carbon steel construction with painted finish or rusted look with charm. They can be shipped in halves or as a complete one in cases.

Safety Tips& Firepits Care

* Safe Tips

1. Place your firepits 10 feet away from any wood structure or neiboring yard.
2. Do not place your firepit under a covered porch,trees or on a wood deck.
3.Flammable materials must be more than 5 feet away before starting fire.
4.Do not use your firepits if it is too windy or too dry.
5.Never leave your firepits unattended as wind can quickly kick out sparks.
6.Always use a poker when trying to move logs inside the firepits.
7.Use a spark screen to keep embers inside the firepits.

* Firepits Care

1. Always cover your firepits when it is not be used.
2. Dump ashes into a metal barrel as ashes can remain warm for days.
3. Clean your firepits regularly to prolong the life of your firepits.
4. Store your firepits indoors during inclement weather and winter days.

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