More Kinds of Space Saving Garage Tool Storage Bracket


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Tired of bulky yard equipment, power tools, sports gear and other seasonal stuff taking up precious space in your shed? With the Tool Storage Brackets from JH-Mech, homeowners can neatly organize their accessories in the most efficient manner possible. The easy-to-install rail system safely mounts to most substrate surfaces and features 6 adjustable rubber-coated hooks for supporting shovels, rakes, leaf blowers, weed trimmers, gardening tools, ladders, hammers, hand saws, hoses and more.

Once the heavy-duty steel rail is in place, the hooks slide on and glide left to right for effortless adjustment. Accommodate a variety of odd-shaped items, free up floor space, and securely stow your most expensive equipment up to 800 pounds. Whether you’re tidying a commercial shop, organizing an apartment utility room or looking to systematize a messy man cave, stop racking your brain! Take back ur garage by adding a Tool Storage Rack!


Following content includes four aspects.
1. What is Garage Storage Bracket?
2. Specification of Garage Storage Bracket.
3. Models of Garage Storage Bracket.


1. What is Garage Storage Bracket?
Garage storage bracket
is the one kind of horizontal wall mounted bracket to store your tools for spacing saving and spacing cleaning. Made of heavy duty industrial steel, it can offer the 40kg bearing capacity.


2. Specification of Garage Storage Bracket.



Bookshelf Bracket



1.5mm Thickness Steel


Black Powder Coating




48 Inch


Screws and Single Box










Universal Hanger Rack Lets You Organize & Store Tools, Lawn Equipment, Bikes, Snow Gear & Other Accessories for a Clutter-Free Garage, Basement, Shed, Utility Room, Shop, Store & Beyond. 


3. Model of Barbell Storage Rack 

 30pcs Pack Bracket                   Ceiling Mount Rack                       Utility Hooks


Wall Storage Makes an Ideal Choice for Freeing Up Floor Space While Securely Stowing Your Expensive Machinery, Hand & Power Tools, Ski & Sport Gear, Beach Chairs, Backpacks & Other Outdoor Stuff. Any question, do not hesitate to contact us.