Floating Bookshelf Save Your Space, Decorate Your Room


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If you are looking for a way to organize your books orderly, the wall mounted floating book shelf bracket is best way. Perfect for small space that are not quite large enough for a traditional book case.


Following content includes four aspects.
1. What is Floating Bookshelf Bracket?
2. Specification of Floating Bookshelf Bracket.
3. Models of Floating Bookshelf Bracket.
4. Application.


1. What is Floating Bookshelf Bracket?
Floating Bookshelf Bracket is the one kind of horizontal wall mounted bracket to store your books for spacing saving and spacing cleaning. Made of heavy duty industrial steel, it can offer the 30kg bearing capacity.


2. Specification of Barbell Storage Rack.



Bookshelf Bracket



3mm Thickness Steel


Black Powder Coating




7*6*5 Inch


Screws and Single Box














Floating bookshelves will transform the way you store and display your favorite books. By stacking them on to the sturdy metal L-shaped shelf, the shelf will become hidden behind the books – this allows them to appear as though they are floating on your wall. 


3. Model of Barbell Storage Rack 

    Super Man Model                     Common Model                     Invisible Model 


4. Application

Bookshelf bracket is a floating bookcase that become invisible once stacked with books. Attach it to your wall (using the included mounting hardware) then slide the sturdy metal shelf between the back cover and pages of a book to create a base for additional books to be stacked upon. Once you’ve secured the back cover into the holding lips, place additional books on top until the sturdy metal shelf is hidden from view. Your books will appear to be floating.