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In order to save space and improve the storage capacity of our house, we think about many ways to achieve the goal. In this article, we want to introduce the triangle shelf brackets to you. It can help to decorate your home and offer more space on the wall.

In order to save space and improve the outlook of our house, we think about many ways to achieve the goal. In this article, we want to introduce the triangle shelf brackets to you. It can help to decorate your home and offer more space on the wall.


The information will be shared as below.

1 what is the triangle shelf bracket?

2 How to install the bracket

3 Our Advantage


1 What is the triangle shelf bracket?

The triangle shelf bracket is a kind of shelf bracket. Its a most popular item in the market. They will be mounted on the wall with a wood board. You can put the photo frame, paint, art works, books and other stuffs to decorate your wall.


The triangle shelf brackets are made by heavy duty carbon steel, with powder coated surface. They are durable and rust-proof.


It is a triangle shape no matter which angle you look at, and you can use it from any direction. The most popular size is 4.5 and 6”. There are 3 holes so that the brackets can be fixed on the wall the screws firmly. It is widely used in the house or apartment, garage, restaurant, office, stores or shops and so on.

2 Installing the Shelf Bracket


  Step 1: Preparing the Shelf

Place brackets on to shelf in desired location and mark the drill holes on both brackets.

Drill holes into the bottom of the shelf using marks from Step 1. You can do this with a drill press or standard drill bit.

Using the short screws attach the brackets to the shelf and double check to make sure they are secure.


 Step 2: Determining Wall Placement


It is best to hit a stud when possible to maximize the strength of the shelf. Use a stud finder on the wall to determine if this will be possible. Mark both sides of the stud lightly so that you know where the edges of the stud are.

Once it has been determined where the shelf will be hung, place level on shelf, make sure it is leveled and mark the wall through the screw holes lightly.


 Step 3: Mounting to the Wall


Once wall has been marked place the bracket down and drill holes for anchors (if you were able to find a stud then drill small holes for screws).

Hold shelf up to the desired location with drilled holes and place level on top of shelf to double check level.

Once everything is in place, using the long screws fasten the shelf into the previously drilled holes.

Make sure that the screws are tight, and nothing is loose to avoid anything from falling.


3 Our advantages

A lot of suppliers are producing this product, but our invisible brackets stand out from them.

3.1 The advantages of our company


  3.1.1 Professional engineering team: Our engineer team is professional in mechanical design and manufacturing. They can help you from the drawing making, design change, customizing the products, packing designing etc.


  3.1.2 QA team: Our QA inspects the finished products before shipment.


  3.1.3 Professional service: Our sales can speak very good English. They also have been trained to know fully about the products and have the knowledge of manufacturing processes etc. Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours.


  3.1.4 FBA shipping service: Normally we will quote DDP price to our customer so that the goods will be shipped from the factory to your door by our forwarder with reasonable cost.


  3.1.5 Manufacture capacity: 10000 to 30000 pcs of shelf bracket in 30 days.


3.2 The advantages of our shelf brackets


  3.2.1 Our triangle brackets are made by Q235 Carbon Steel material. The strength of Carbon Steel helps the brackets to have higher loading.


  3.2.2 Our production processes are quite efficient so that our cost is controlled very well. That leads to the very competitive price in the market.