Indoor Using Heavy Duty Barbells Storage Rack


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440lbs loading capacity spacing saving barbell rack.

If you are looking for a way to store your barbell and use as little of your precious gym space as possible this is for you! A wall mounted bracket is perfect way to organize your gym and keep your barbell in great condition! Keep your bar organized and help you to have easy access to the weight bar with fewer efforts and saving time.



Following content includes three aspects.

1. What is Barbell Storage Rack?

2. Specification of Barbell Storage Rack.

3. Models of Our Barbell Storage Rack.

4. Application.



1. What is Barbell Storage Rack?

Barbell storage rack is the one kind of wall mounted or floor stand bracket which can hold barbells well for spacing saving and spacing cleaning. Made of heavy duty industrial steel, it can offer the 440lbs bearing capacity.



2. Specification of Barbell Storage Rack.



Door Barricade Bracket


3mm Thickness Steel


Black Powder Coating




19.6 x 3.5 Inch


Screws and Single Box












Durable and compact Barbell Rack Bar Storage allows you the place the rack anywhere in your workout area, providing neat and spacious home gym and easy access to your barbell in body-building sessions. Made from thick 6-gauge, strong and solid structure allows you to store your bars up to 440 lbs safely. Reinforced with high quality Black Powder Coating, this equipment is designed to be rust & corrosion resistant; durable powder finish protects its whole structures from scratches, making it look brand-new for years.



3. Model of Barbell Storage Rack


  3 Barbells Storage Rack             5 Barbells Storage Rack             2 Barbells Storage Rack



4. Application



Barbell storage offers a simple solution for those looking to maximize floor space while keeping your bars in top condition. Coated in Powder Finish, the barbell storage is not only able to withstand the elements, but also the test of time. We opted to keep the exterior metal free to ensure maximum barbell protection, especially around the knurling. With space to hold up to 2 barbells, 3 barbells and 5 barbells. This is an excellent addition to any garage gym or training center.


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