More Option To Stock Your Kayak


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With kayak lift rack, you can have more option to stock your kayak.

There's no such thing as not enough room for another kayak, canoe, or ladder. Store your kayak overhead and out of the way. Smooth pulleys and latches make lifting even the heavy kayaks super easy. The exclusive rope locking mechanism prevents unwanted release and can suspend one product - 125 lb. load limit. Please note, you can mount this item as pictured on a 2 X 4 and screw the 2 X 4 to the joist or mount it right to the joist itself. Buy with confidence!

Following content includes three aspects.

1. What is Kayak Lift Rack?
2. Specification of Kayak Lift Rack.

1. What is kayak lift rack?
Kayak lift rack is a type of kayak accessory that attaches to ceiling to hold one kayak. Normally, there are two series of kayak. They are simple wall mounted style and ceiling mounted style. Both are good method to hole kayak. It's depends on your space in garage and house.

2. Specification of kayak lift rack.



Hunting Platform Bracket


12 Gauge Thickness Pipe


Black Powder Coating




12.75 x 14 x10 Inch


Screws and Straps











Ceiling mount kayak bracket for indoor storage in your garage, shop, house.  And kayak rack length 12.75 inches, It holds a large item with a 13 inches or less width, can hanging kayak, canoe, SUP, snowboard, wakeboard, surfing board. 


Covid-19 will be defeat by all of us soon. We believe everyone could go outside in near future. If you are interested in the kayak bracket and want to customized it, feel free to contact us. Unit price with shipping freight will be sent to you in 2 hours later.