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Your home is a reflection of your personality, so make sure your furniture is saying all the right things! Use the JH-Mech's hairpin table legs to design and create household pieces that you’ll love for years.

1. DIY Hairpin Leg Table Anyone Can Create


Are you looking for a table with an “industrial and minimal” look? Or maybe you are looking for a really easy way to create your own DIY table. This is definitely the easiest DIY furniture piece I’ve ever created. I love the look the hairpin table legs give my new desk. I can’t wait to share how easy the DIY hairpin leg desk and my new office space was to create. Seriously, anyone can make this!

I’ve always wanted my own dedicated “office space.” Rather than hanging out and blogging on the kitchen bar or the dining room table, I wanted my own DIY office table.


I also wanted my new DIY office table to have an industrial and minimal feel to it. I believe everyone has thoughts like this.


Fortunately, JH-Mech can supply any size of hairpin leg. Our range is from 4 inches to 40 inches, there must be one that can meet your needs.




This was the easy part.


a. All you did was flip the wood slab on its top and position the 4 hairpin legs where I wanted them.

b. All it took was a few screws and now I had a fully functional and industrial style office table.

Then you will have your own DIY table.


3 Our advantages


lot of suppliers are producing this product, but our hairpin leg stand out from them.


a. Professional engineering team: Our engineer team is professional in mechanical design and manufacturing. They can help you from the drawing making, design change, customizing the products, packing designing etc.


b. QA team: Our QA inspects the finished products before shipment.


c. Professional service: Our sales can speak very good English. They also have been trained to know fully about the products and have the knowledge of manufacturing processes etc. Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours.


d. FBA shipping service: Normally we will quote DDP price to our customer so that the goods will be shipped from the factory to your door by our forwarder with reasonable cost.