Express your ideas on this neoteric multipurpose drawing board


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Wall Mounted Paper Dispenser - a neoteric multipurpose drawing board

Art, the eternal spiritual pursuit of mankind. It has no relation to form, sex or age. It is the subjective approach of every life being to beauty.


Art belongs to all, not to a few artists. To satisfy everyone, we invented a new product which could express his or her artistic thinking in any time.

Now, please allow me to introduce this new invention for you - Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Dispenser.

Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Dispenser is a special model of kraft paper dispenser which was invented by JH-Mech. As we all know, kraft paper always be used in packaging. But the wall mounted kraft paper dispenser  extends the application scope of kraft paper.

As its name shows, it’s hard to be moved once it has been fixed to the wall.


The advantages

-Adjustable: We separate the dispenser, you can custom the position of the blade to get different sizes of canvas.

-High intensity: Kraft paper has high intensity that is hard to be broken

-High thickness: Allow all kinds of paintbrushes write on it.

-Easy to cut: Jagged blade make the kraft paper easy to be cut.

-Convenient: When a piece of kraft paper is used up, it could be replaced easily at any time.

-Cheap: Much lower price than the special canvas.

-Environmental protection: Kraft paper is an totally environmentally friendly material that will not cause any environmental pollution.

-The kind of paper could be changed, Such as parchment.


How it works?

Such as I mentioned before, kraft paper has high intensity and is very hard to be broken. This characteristic limits its using scope. But if we have a professional kraft paper dispenser, than the process of divide will be easy to push on.

First, choose the place you most expect it to be and nail it to the wall to ensure

that you can easily reach it when you want to change the paper roll.

Second, determine your demand, set aside the suitable paper size and nail the blade on it.




Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

- We are a professional OEM&ODM in manufacturing paper dispenser and has achieved excellent results in many industries.

- We have patents of the portable paper roll dispenser which was granted by the Chinese government. 

- We provide both kraft paper and kraft paper dispenser.
- All year round production with high quality.

- Provide custom service
- Our products monthly supply more than 50 customers from all over the world and the output is 20,000 pieces.

- Fast shipment and delivery.



If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more details. Our Engineer and Technical worker will Service You.