JH-Mech How to Make a Folding Table?


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JH-Mech Folding Shelf Bracket Station To save space in a small room, many hinges will be used in the furniture so that the furniture will have the function folding up and down. This will be greatly helpful in our daily life. Now we share the information about how to make one in your house with the theme of how to make a folding table to teach people the way of making space-saving furniture.


1 How to find the suitable folding shelf bracket?
2 How to find the right wood board?
3 How to fix the bracket on the wall?
4 How to install the table on the foldable bracket?


1 How to find the suitable folding shelf bracket?


It is easy to make a foldable table on the wall that you can close it when you are not using and open it when you need it. While you need to choose a suitable tool to do this. Or it will cost you much time and the table also not stable. This kind of hinge with many different styles, but for make table, we introduce you use folding bracket hinge. They are strong enough to support a table. The first, step, let us choose the suitable size folding hinge. 

JH-Mech Folding Hinge Supplier

The picture show is three styles folding hinge in the market. 
The first one is made of steel or stainless steel. The size can be in 8inch, 10inch, 12inch, 14inch, 16inch, 20inch, 22inch, 24inch. The surface with powder coating for steel and polish for stainless steel. The material normally in 1-1.5mm thickness. The loading capacity is about 20kgs for each pc.
The second normal made of steel, it is cheap. The size can be in 4inch, 6inch, 8inch. The material normally made in 1mm thickness steel. The surface is powder coating or painting. The loading capacity normally about 10kgs each pc.
The third one is a heavy-duty folding hinge. It normally made in 12inch, 14inch, 16inch,18inch, 22inch, 24inch. The material normally in 1.5-2.5mm thickness steel. White colour and black colour are the main colours in the market. The surface is powder coating with capacity 30kgs per pc.

In a word, if you want to make a folding table, you need to check the function of this table. It just places some goods with some weight when necessary then you can use the first one. If your table seldom use and the goods are light, the middle one will be a choice. If you will place heavy goods when work, it is better to choose the third one.


2 How to find the right wood board?

Before proceeding too much farther into the remaining steps, it’s first necessary to confirm that the material in question is a solid piece of wood, and not a man-made composite or piece of plastic made to imitate wood.
Normally the wood will be in the colour of the natural wood colour. While some of the wood with paint to cover some defects of the wood. So it is better to find a natural colour and then paint the colour you want to match the colour of your house.
There will be pine wood, oak wood, bamboo wood, rubberwood and some other wood. Pinewood will be lightweight, so it is normally used in shelf bracket. Oakwood will be high cost, so if it is not necessary, this kind of table not suitable use this kind of wood. So the wood table normal decided by the budget.


3 How to fix the bracket on the wall?

3.1 lift the sliding channel up from the top channel 
3.2 Separate the backing plate from the top channel.
3.3 Find studs and mark fixing locations on fixing background.
3.4 Line up backing plate on fixing background and pre-drill holes with balance and pencil.
3.5 Fix another bracket on the background and mark location. 


4 How to install the table on the foldable bracket?

4.1 Place the wood board on the folding shelf bracket, mark the hole with a pencil.
4.2 Fix the triangle bracket with screw on the wood table.
4.3 Folding down the folding hinge to test if the wood board will fall. When it is fixed steady, then the installation finished.