Indoor Plant Stands and How To Choose The Right One For Your Space


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Indoor Plant Stands and How To Choose The Right One For Your Space

Houseplants don’t just make a home look and feel cheerful, they also have excellent benefits. Many people choose indoor plants to improve the quality of the air, reduce stress and boost oxygen levels. There are even recent studies that show plants can have a therapeutic effect, decreasing anxiety and boosting feel-good chemicals in your brain. Finding just the right way to display your life-improving plants doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. No matter what kind of plants you have, there is a perfect stand for your space that will keep your plant buddies thriving.


One thing to look for in a plant stand is size. How big are your plants? How much space in your home do you have to devote to them? How big will plants grow? Choosing a plant stand that can accommodate multiple plants of varying sizes will give you the most flexibility.

Knowing where to put those luscious plants is an important part of choosing the right stand. Make sure you group plants that require similar care together, and be sure to choose a plant stand that can support the weight of your pots, plants and the soil they live in.


If your plant requires lots of light, try a plant display that offers more height so it has unlimited access to sunlight. If you have a plant that doesn’t require much light, opt for a more low profile stand that gets the plant off the ground but doesn’t overload it with too much sunshine.


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