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In order to save space and cost to store the fire log for our house, we think the firewood rack is a good choice you. we will introduce the firewood rack to you. It can help you to store firewood and offer more convenience in winter.

In order to save space and cost to store the fire log for our house, we think the firewood rack is a good choice you. we will introduce the firewood rack to you. It can help you to store firewood and offer more convenience in winter.


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1 what is the firewood rack?

2 How to use it

3 Our Advantage


1 What is the firewood rack?

The firewood rack is a kind of shelf bracket. They need to be used with logs to form a shelf to store firewood. You can place it anywhere: in the yard, in front of the fireplace or beside the barbecue grill.


The firewood rack are made by heavy duty carbon steel, with powder coated surface . They are durable and rust-proof.


It includes two pieces for one set: the metal cube and metal rod. The cube and rod are connected by welding. There are holes on metal cube o that the log can be inserted. Then fix it with screws.


2 How to install it


Step 1: Slide the log into the bracket

Place brackets on the ground, then to Insert the bottom logs and vertical log into the bracket.


Step 2: Tight them with wood screws.

Using a power drill and drill bit, drill the screw into

the log, then ensure that the log and the support are tightly connected.


Step 3: Enjoy your work

You can start place the log when you finished the work. It will definitely bring you a lot of convenience on your life.


3 Our advantages


A lot of suppliers are producing this product, but our product are out from them.


3.1 The advantages of our company


 3.1.1 Professional engineering team: Our engineer team is professional in mechanical design and manufacturing. They can help you from the drawing making, design change, customizing the products, packing designing etc.


 3.1.2 QA team: Our QA inspects the finished products before shipment.


 3.1.3 Professional service: Our sales can speak very good English. They also have been trained to know fully about the products and have the knowledge of manufacturing processes etc. Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours.


 3.1.4 FBA shipping service: Normally we will quote DDP price to our customer so that the goods will be shipped from the factory to your door by our forwarder with reasonable cost.


 3.1.5 Manufacture capacity: 30000 to 50000 pcs of firewood rack in 30-35 days.


3.2 The advantages of our firewood rack


 3.2.1 Our firewood rack are made by Q235 Carbon Steel material. The strength of Carbon Steel helps the brackets to have higher loading.


 3.2.2 Our production processes are quite efficient so that our cost is controlled very well. That leads to the very competitive price in the market.


 3.2.3 High quality surface was made from professional spray factory. The thickness of the powder coating on our firewood rack is 0.5mm. Before the powder coating process, the sandblasting is necessary to clean the surface from dirt, oil etc. It also will improve the adhesion performance of the coating eventually. The surface will add longevity for any customized wood stacker stand.