How To DIY A Frame Swing Set


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JH-Mech bracket can help you to easily set us A frame swing set in garden.

Keeping up with children is a tiresome activity. Their boundless energy, unfettered excitement, and unquenchable curiosity will demand a release. As such, children need to play. It’s a basic fact of childhood that children must play and will play. Swing set is a fantastic way to keep a child occupied while you try to get some work done or get some needed rest. The child can play to his or her hearts’ content, and you are just a moment away from them, if and when they need you. 

Following content includes three aspects.
1. What should be prepared for DIY swing set?
2. What is swing set bracket? 
3. How to set up the swing set?


1. What should be prepared to make the DIY swing set?

Before DIY swing set working, a swing set frame should be prepared. With following parts, frame could be assembled firstly. 2pcs of swing set brackets, 28pcs of lag screws with washer, 1pc of 4''*6''wooden beam and 4pcs of 4*4'' wooden legs.


2. What is swing set bracket? 
Swing set bracket is part which can assemble wooden beam and legs as a triangular stand. Swing seats could screw and hang with the stand. For one swing set, there should be 2pcs of swing set brackets.

Follow is the specifications of swing set brackets.

Picture Item Swing Set Bracket
  Material 2MM Thickness Steel
Surface Green Powder Coating
Weight 4.3KG
Accesssories 15pcs Lag Bolts,
12pcs Washers
Suit For 4''x6'' Wooden Beam,
4''x4'' Wooden legs

This is the standard swing set bracket. Designing, color or accessories of swing bracket both could be customized here.

3. How to set up the swing set frame?

Covid-19 is stilling spreading around the world. Less outside activities and quarantine in house will let people avoid the infection. It could be known that indoor products for leisure and entertainment are hot for sales. Besides the swing set brackets, there are swing hanger buckle and swing seats here. If you want to add swing set bracket or any of them into your products line, feel free to contact us. Unit price with shipping freight will be sent to you in 1 day.