Why people need Squarrel Baffle Guard?


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What a squirrel baffle can do? How is it used? It can be hanging or mounted by brackets. Squirrel baffle guard is useful.

Why people need Squarrel Baffle Guard?

Tired of having pesky squirrels, raccoons, and other rodents stealing all of the bird feed from your bird feeders and birdhouses?
Need a squirrel proof baffle that can protect both pole-mounted and hanging bird feeders?
If so, then we’ve gotten the perfect solution for you!


Please kindly check more details below.

1 what is a squirrel baffle?

2 the material and specification of the squirrel baffle

3 the application of the squirrel baffle

4 why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1 What is a squirrel baffle?

The idea of preparing a squirrel baffle for your bird feeder in the backyard comes from the destructions of the bird feeder caused by the squirrel. People, especially westerners, would like to have fun by feeding some birds that they like. The squirrel baffle with high quality is very much needed to keep raccoon or squirrel staying away from the bird feeder even if they want to eat.


2 The specification and material of a squirrel baffle

 The popular size is 17 inches for the baffle. There are also 14 inches, 18 inches, 19 inches, 22 inches and etc.

 Of course, our engineering team from JH-Mech can help you do larger or smaller sizes easily.


For the material, there are powder coated zinc-plated steel or Q 235 carbon steel with powder coating.


    1. Q235 Carbon steel ones: Carbon steel is widely used in many areas for the metal parts. The surface is normally made of painting or powder coating. In this way, it can help prevent the steel from rust.

It is cheaper as it is common and easily to be sourced in the market.


    1. Zinc-plated steel ones: It is a type of steel that has been well processed in terms of the surface against rust. Then adding powder coating to make it a double protection for the baffle. Normally the thickness is 0.8mm for the metal baffle.

The surface will be bright after powder coating process. And the baffle will have strong performance for anti-rust purpose.

As for sizes, please kindly check the form below.

  Size Package Dimension
 14 inches PVC bag or box 45*45*15cm
18 inches PVC bag or box 47*47*16cm
19 inches PVC bag or box 49*49*18cm
22 inches PVC bag or box 58*58*20cm
Custom Size Custom Custom Size


3 Application of the squirrel baffle


In terms of the application, it can be either hanging above the bird feeder to stop the squirrel going down or being mounted on a round pole standing on the ground by key parts, a set of brackets that is very much useful.

As you can see from the picture below, it is hanging or being mounted steady. Even smarter as the raccoon or squirrel, they will fail to get closer to the bird feeder, not mentioning eating the food for the bird.


4 Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1 We pay much attention to the quality we supply to our client. Every product loads the trust of our client. So we are positive to solve all the quality issue to help our client build the confidence of the final customer.

2 In order to help our client get profits, we can carefully evaluate ROI(return of investment) of the products.

3 For online sellers, we supply exact packing details, design, customized box for the products. Help them find the balance between weight and appearance.

4. We offer high solution photo and nice descriptions of our products. Help client introduce the products to the final customer.

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