Multifunction Space Saving Bike Storage Rack


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Bike rack can help peopel to storage the bike orderly and artistically.

Cycling has become part of daily living. Maybe you are also one of those who wants to improve the carbon footprint and your health. You have bought a bike and proper equipment to keep it maintained. Also, you might be attracted by few different types of fashion bikes. After taking bikes home, You want to put the bikes somewhere orderly. But storing it outside, leaning up against wall or locking them to a fence are not good solution. With bike rack, from stylish wall mounts that let you display your bike as art to a simple kickstand.

Following content includes three aspects.
1. What is bike rack?
2. Specification of bike rack.
3. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1. What is bike rack?
Bike rack is a type of bicycle accessory that attaches to wall to hold one or more bikes. Normally, there are three series of bike racks. They are vertical wall mounted bike rack, ceiling mounted bike racks and floor stand bike racks. Most popular series is the wall mounted bike racks. And the wall mounted bike racks includes four different models.

2. Specification of four different wall mounted bike rack
2.1. Vertical wall mounted bike rack 

      Size: Length10 x Width2.4 x Height 5.25 Inch
      Weight: 0.57kg
      Loading Capacity: 50LBS. 
      Material: 3mm thickness carbon steel 
      Surface: Plate part is black powder coating 
                   Hook is PVC dipping
      MOQ: 2000PCS
      Advantage: Cheapest cost bring good profit. Small volume save your domestic transportation freight.

2.2. Foldable Wall Mounted Bike Rack

      Size: Length10.4 x Width 11.4 x Height 7.98 Inch
      Weight: 0.9kg
      Loading Capacity: 60LBS 
      Material: Plate 3mm Thickness Carbon Steel
                    Pipe: 20mm Diameter with 1mm thickness
                    Hook: 10mm Diameter Rod
    Surface: Pipe and Plate Black Power Coating
                 Hook PVC dipping. 
    MOQ: 1000PCS
    Advantage: Bike could be horizontally hanged, two tyres will be free.

                      Bike could be exhibited as a artwork. Hook part could be folded up when not use. It can save much space.

2.3. Pedal Mounted Bike Rack

      Pedal Rack Size: 5 x 2.04 x 2.6 Inch
      Tyre Rack Size: 5 x 2.04 Inch
      Material: Pedal Rack 5mm Thickness Carbon Steel
                  Support Rack 3mm Thickness Carbon Steel 
      Surface: Black Powder Coating               
      Loading Capacity : 75LBS
      Advantage: It can hold road bike, mountain bike and snow bike.
                      Rack is invisible while hanging. 

2.4. Pedal Mounted Bike Rack

      Plate Size: Length 24 x Height 2.04 Inch 
      Hook Size: Length 6 x Width 2.8 x Height 3.4 Inches 
      Weight: 3.45kg
      Loading Capacity: 350LBS
      Material: Plate is 1.2mm Thickness Carbon Steel
                    Hook 9mm diameter steel rod.
     Surface: Black Power Coating. After powder coating 
                 Hook will be dipped by PVC.   
     Advantage: One rack systems can hold 6 bike racks. 
                      Distance between each bike or hook can be adjusted.

3. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

3.1 JH-Mech is an OEM supplier who is committed in metal fabrication works including metal stamping & cutting, forming, welding, assembly and packing etc. And we have been in this industry for 9 years. Besides bike racks, any customized metal parts could be produced here.

3.2 For customer who only has an idea or sample of customized product, our engineer can help to design his own drawing. 

3.3 For customer who only has an idea or sample of customized product, our engineer can help to design his own drawing. 

3.4 Also, our art designer will help to design your own packaging such as color box, color card etc. 

If there is any question, feel free to contact us.