JH-Mech Wall Mounted Paper Roll Cutter Dispenser Holder Information


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JH-Mech Wall Mounted Paper Roll Cutter Dispenser Holder Introduction. This page include share the information about what is paper dispenser, specification, installation instruction, application.

JH-Mech is the manufatcturer of roller paper cuttter dispenser products. It include wall mounted paper roll cutter dispenser, foldable paper cutter dispenser and vertical paper cutter dispenser.  Below are the information of wall mounted paper cutter dispenser.



We will introduce wall mounted paper roll holder & dispenser to you with below information:

1. What is wall mounted paper roll holder & dispenser?

2. What is the specification of JH-Mech wall mounted paper cutter dispenser?

3. How to install wall mounted paper cutter dispenser?

4. What can paper cutter dispenser help you do?


1.The definition of JH-Mech Wall Mounted Paper Cutter Dispenser:

A wall mounted paper rolled holder & dispenser is a kind of paper cutter tool used for kraft paper rolls. Its main function is hold roll papers by its bracket. The wall mounted one is need to fix on the wall so that it look like hanging on the wall. It also have a knife blade on the bottom to cover the paper and dispenser the paper when people tear the paper with the blade line. It is widely used in coffce shop for meum, engneer for record their thinkings, butcher ship for butcher paper, childrens to drawings and so on.

2. What is the specification of the Wall Mounted Paper Cutter Dispenser?

Wall Mounted Rolled Paper Holder & Dispenser
Material Size  Color  Package Accessory
Carbon Steel 9,12,16,18,24,32inch Black or Customzied Color Brown Box/Color Box Screws & Plugs
Stainless Steel 9,12,16,18,24,32inch Stainless Stell  Brown Box/Color Box Screws & Plugs
Alloy 9,12,16,18,24,32inch Alloy Brown Box/Color Box Screws & Plugs

 3.How to install wall mounted paper cutter dispenser?

Remind: To fix the paper cutter dispenser need use tools like drills and level.  The final products will be like below picture.

The parts in our package of the dispenser holder

a:  Wall Mounted Carbon Steel Bracket Holder

b: Steel Rod Bar

c: Knife Blade

d: Paper Roll

e: 40mm Screws

f: 40mm Plugs

Step by Step Installation Guide:

Step 1 Find the suitable place to fix the paper holder. There is four holes in the paper holder dispenser. You can fix 1 top holes and then use level to mark the stright line and find another top hole. It can help you pointed the position and make the paper holder dispenser in balance.

Step 2 Insert the steel rod bar into the paper rolller and adjust the screw head.

Step 3 Put the rolled paper with the steel rod bar on the bracket holder. And pull the paper down to the suitable length. Point the position of the knife blade and fix the blade with drill. The final style will be like this.

Now we have fixed the paper holder dispenser on the wall and it can work.

4. What can paper cutter dispenser help you do?

It can be used in below situation:

1.  Children's playground or living room. It can fix on the wall. Children can drawing on the paper and when they finished their work, the parents can dispenser the paper from roller. Put all their drawings together for record. It can be keep for long time. When kids grow up, there will be much fun can be find from these drawings.

2. Office of company. The paper holder and dispenser can be fix in your office room or meeting room to record the ideas and share some thoughts. It can also mark the meeting guideline, memo, notice and other things. It can help to remind people, there is someting need pay attention.

3. In Coffee Shop. It can be fixed on the wall of the coffee shop. You can list the special offer for your coffee. Some new dishes.  And it is easy to change after your tear the paper. Another new special offer will come.

4. For engineer. It is easy to miss a perfect idea if you do not record it when you get it. The paper holer can be fixed on the wall and you can record it when you have some idea come out.  It will be much helpful for your work and great ideas.



What paper roller size can fit the paper holder?

The paper holder can hold the paper roll in 50-100 m. While we can paper roller holder dispenser manufactuer. We can custom the size depend on your requirments, We also have all in one paper cutter dispenser holder and foldable paper cutter for different situation. We believe you can find the suitable one here.

What is the paper color can be offfered?

Now we normally offer brown paper to our client. If you need white or other color paper, please feel free to send message to us so that we can send our solution to you.

How can we get a sample?

In order you can get a sample to test the quality and enjoy the products. We need you send us your address, phone number so that we can help check the shipping cost to you. Normal for sample, we send to our client with express. Like DHL, Fedex, UPS and so on.