Kraft Paper Roll Display - Wall Decor/Trending Wall Mount


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kraft roller dispenser-Premium Quality Roll Display for Artwork, to-Do Lists, Ideas Ideal for Home, Office, Business Use


Hang your kraft paper roll in a convenient place in your home or office and make it an idea board for everyone to scribble down great ideas as they come. It is also perfect as an art board for those random moments when you want to draw a quick sketch, and can also double up as a graffiti wall for your kids to avoid mess on your walls. Whatever your need, a kraft paper roll and this wall-mounted display is just what you need.

Quality you will love

We know safety is a big concern when you need to hang heavy things high from the ground. This hanger is made from high-grade powder coated metal and can hold up to 22 pounds. It comes with all screws, anchors and hardware you will need to mount it, and also features a cutter bar for easy cutting.

Here is a recap of why you will love our roll display:

✅Gives a neat and classy look to your displays
✅Ideal for unlimited uses
✅Features a strong an sturdy design
✅Makes a nice gift for someone special

Enjoy the convenience our kraft paper wall mounts will bring to your life. We are confident you will never regret the purchase.