How to choose a foldable kraft roll paper cutter dispenser for you


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How to choose a Foladbale kraft roll paper cutter dispenser for you?

Paper is widely used in the everdaylife of people and we need use them package most of the products and houseware in our daily life. It include the paper to package food, meat, fruits, bread and so on.

In order to save larbor work and make the things efficiency, we normaly use tools to help we cut the papers to the size we need. And then with time going by, the paper cutter dispenser come out, as a machine to cut papers for package.


In order to match different size of paper rollers, the paper cutter dispenser normally with different size. From 8inch, 9inch, 10inch,12inch, 18inch,24inch, 32inch, 36inch and so on. Cutom made big paper cutter dispenser also sell in the market for special industry. It help people protect their products and avoid the damage.


Now lest share some of the paper cutter dispenser to you.

1 Foladble All in One paper cutter dispenser.

This is a kind of paper cutter dispenser widely used in our life. It can stay on the table or fix on the wall. It can foldable so that in most time, it can save space to store when you are not often use.

A.It can be used as a Kraft and plastic film dispenser. With different sharp blade, it can work for different material.

B.For 9” diameter or smaller rolls on 3” core. It can load the DIA size of 9inch to 3inch core. In this range, it can fix most of the paper on it.

C.All steel construction with double edge tempered steel cutting blade. If the blade too sharp, then it maybe hurt people. So in most design it is not that sharp as knife. 

D.No assembly necessary. Spread the base and it’s ready-for-use.  This one is all in one design and when it is been open, all the function will be in the right place wait for use. You do not need to assembly it.

It can help most of the people.

E.Stands on a table, brackets to a wall and hangs from an overhang for easy operation.  It can work in most of the place with strong stablity.


This paper cutter dispenser is widly used and best sell products in Amazon and other online web or shops. It wilth full size from 8inch to 36inch. Custom size also can be production with enough quantity.