JH-Mech Offers You Gorgeous Various Theme Firepits Sphere


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Come to discuss about the firepits sphere and help you make it lucrative business.

Hi, Friends, if you are looking for some fantastic firepits sphere, please feel free to contact us. The Firepits sphere can bring you warm when you want to have a party with your friends and family in harmony and cheers.

Based on years of experience, fluent communication and professional quality control,we guarantee on time response,on time delivery and cost saving to meet customers' expecation. JH-Mech Enterprises Inc. can help you on designing and one-station delivery, and offer you an all around service from day 1.

JH-Mech Enterprises Inc is located in Shanxi Province with rich resources of industrial raw material and power supply. Our main products include paper cutter dispenser & metal brackets,storage racks,tool hooks & racks, furniture fittings, fire pits, pipe making mill & other custom metal products according to customers'requirments.

JH-Mech has a strong engineering team with rich experience on designs. Our team can help you design almost if not all the theme, for example, human & nature, animal, sports figure, forest, country and so on. Do you like to have your national animal, flower and other items on the sphere? Not even a problem. Our team will take care of all the rest as long as your idea is mature.

As of today, the diameter of the spheres are 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, and thickness of wall for 3mm, 4 mm, 6 mm. Which size would you prefer?

Also, we can get high temperature resistant paint for the surface, or just make it as bare steel. Please share me more of your thoughts with us to get your own firepits sphere placed in your backyard.

JH-Mech will have shipments for USA, UK, Germany and Australia customers every month. Would you like to join in and become one of them? Our firepits sphere is more than a firepits but a sensation to some extent.

Choose JH-Mech, let us win together and win big in the market.

Email: charliefan@jh-mech.com

JH-Mech Enterprises Inc. 

June 12 th, 2020 in Shanxi, China