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New Design Thickened Version

JH-Mech shade sail post different from the threaded connection of other manufacturers-threads reduce the thickness of the steel pole body, which is prone to breakage in strong winds and heavy loads, Our shade sail poles feature a unique new connection design that not only avoids reducing the thickness of the steel pole, but also ensures a stable connection.


Product Name JH-Mech Suitable for Garden Yard Classic Heavy Duty Stable Waterproof Adjustable Height Steel Pole Sail Shade
Surface Finish Powder Coating
Color Black, White (Customized)
Application Outdoor 
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Imported Premium Material
Our sail post is rust-proof and waterproof. It can be used for many years to hold up sun shade sails, canopies, tarps, string
lights, tents or as a sign post, very suitable for your garden, grass, backyard, land
Heavy duty sunshade pole

The sunshade pole adopts a unique design of small and large head connection, so that the thickness of the connection overlap up to 1.3'' and the load-bearing capacity reaches 130Lb. After a high-strength tensile test, it can completely withstand the strong winds of daily life.Different from the threaded connection of other manufacturers.

Our shade sail pole hand is simple and elegant in design, it is easier to handle than other shade sail poles. Included are 4 x 120 Inches , each divided into 4 sections for a total of 8, which can be installed in as many lengths as needed.

Upgraded reinforced version

Our chassis is welded directly to the tube, the chassis is 3 times thicker, and three triangular plates are added to increase support, Enough to support 130Lb of weight, many tests have proved that the resistance to storms.

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