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Address:No.4 Wucheng Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi, P.R.China 030006

Trade Manager: Susan Zhang


24-hour Hot Line: +86-351-7650117

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JH-Mech Heavy Duty Pegboard Wire Holder

You wouldn't have to reload a paper towel roll from the side of the holder. If that was the case, you would've had to take tools off of your pegboard whenever you needed to replace the roll. That's why we opted for a pivotal reload system that makes it easy to reload the paper roll from the front. Just retract the pin, pivot the rod towards you and replace the roll. Zero hassle.


Garage Storage





JH-Mech Heavy Duty Floating Wall Shelf Brackets Hardware

Product Description

JH-Mech Matt Black Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder Self-Adhesive Paper Towel Holder with Shelf for Bathroom and Kitchen
✔The storage hook is suitable for all the tools in the garage to help you make full use of all the space in the garage and keep all the tools in order, from bikes to extension cords, garage hanger can be used to help you solve the problem easily. 
✔Reduce the clutter and add more space in your garage, garden shed, warehouse or kitchen without worry.

JH-Mech Heavy Duty Pegboard Wire Holder

Multi-Functional Holder


Heavy duty pegboard towel roll holder shelf assembly for pegboard tool boards is great for paper towels,tape,clothes hangers, ribbon,& much more. One hand can easily tear the tissue paper.

JH-Mech Heavy Duty Pegboard Wire Holder 1

Rust Proof


Made of high-quality aluminum, not like a steel-made holder, it's sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant.

JH-Mech Heavy Duty Pegboard Wire Holder3

100 lbs Load Capacity


Our paper towel storage holder have been specially designed to disperse the workload throughout the wall. The result are high capacity hooks able to support just about anything you can think of! (100lbs).

JH-Mech Black Heavy Duty Pegboard Wire Holder 3

Wired Pegs


The spacer can be mounted in between the pegs and metal boards, so there's no 'gap'. This makes sure that your towel holder hangs straight at all times.

JH-Mech Black Heavy Duty Pegboard Wire Holder


JH-Mech Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder 2

Designed to Fit Board of All Thickness

Pegboard usually comes in hardboard or metal. Both are sturdy, but the metal boards are significantly thinner. As a result, pegboard attachments designed for classic hardboard slant downwards when used on metal board.
The paper towel compartment has enough room for any paper towel roll with dimensions under 6.25'' x 13''.
Standard paper towel is usually 6'' x 11''. The roll shown in this image has a diameter of 5.5'' and height of 11''.
The rod that holds the paper towel is 'fixed'. This means that it won't spin endlessly when ripping off a sheet of paper.

JH-Mech Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder 4

Company File


Based on many years experience, JH-Mech has been a professional supplier dealing with stamping products. You not only can buy the products, but also finds we also can provide professional and economy shipping method.We can cooperate big customer for each buying and shipping, also help small customers to do business in a one station service process. 

Our certification


Q1. How can we know the product quality?
A1: We suggest you to order a sample. Also, you can send us email for detail photos for checking if you cannot get enough information in the product page.

Q2. Is it the final price in the price list?
A2: No, there still have some negotiated room. It is depends on the order you placed, the more you placed, the lower price you will get.

Q3. Can you offer OEM/ODM service?
A3: YES. The OEM/ODM is welcomed, we can printing any logo on the sample as your require.

Q4. Can I get free samples?
A4: Yes, some samples are free for customer, but you need to pay for the express fee. For details please send message to our sales service.

Q5: Can I put my own logo on your paper box ?
A5: Yes ,OEM orders are warmly welcome.

Q6. How can I send inquiry?
A6: When you find something you are interested, you can click "chat now", or you can leave your information to us.

Q7. What is your payment?
A7: We usually accept payment based on L / C, T / T, Western Union, and PayPal.


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