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JH-Mech Durable Level Lawn Rake Head Handle Replacement Cold Galvanizing Lawn Levelling Rake for Garden Farm

Upgrade Structure & Multi-Function Heavy Duty garden leveling rake can distribute application materials, removes stones from the soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam, mix soil with fertilizers better, and smooths the soil for easy planting. JH-Mech optimized to some limitations of other currently available leveling rakes, such as strengthening potential weak spots on the pole and spreading plate. Features full welding technology, steel material and a rubber grip handle.


Lawn Leveling Rake





Product Description
JH-Mech Professional Manual Black Powder Coated Sand Spreader Adjustable Carbon Steel Golf Lawn Squeegee Tool
The Lawn Leveling Rake is a must-have in your tool shed or garage this season. The yard leveling rake stays flat against the surface of your lawn and can level the soil more quickly and effectively compared to other lawn leveling tools on the market. JH-Mech makes it easy for you to maintain a level, beautiful lawn while conserving your time and energy. Lawn care will never be the same again.
Product Name
JH-Mech Professional Manual Black Powder Coated Sand Spreader Adjustable Carbon Steel Golf Lawn Squeegee Tool
Black, Silver or Customized
Surface Treatment
Powder Coated
Custom Logo
Specific Use

Rake with smooth edges

The modified small rake 68cm*25cm has a smooth edge that won't get stuck in the grass when working, so you can level the soil and grass better and faster than a landscape rake, making your work more efficient.

Length Adjustable

The rod of the lawn leveling tool consists of several removable rods connected together. You can remove and add rods to reach the desired length.

High-Quality Material

This lawn leveling rake is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant with a spray coating that improves durability; A non-slip rubber handle makes the rake more comfortable; A secure and durable device that won’t fall apart in your hand.

Easy to Install

Unique design allows lawn leveling tools to be installed and removed in minutes; small size stores in compact
spaces, freeing up your storage area, this tool is designed to make your life comfortable.

Extra-Long Handle

198cm long and sturdy handle with a 3-part assembly structure so you can adjust the length; Unique effort-saving handle design allows you to cover more working space without bending, saving time and energy.
Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use
Thanks to our improved curved handle design and ergonomic handle length, you can comfortably use our Lawn Leveling Rake for hours without any discomfort. Our rake also features a durable and lightweight construction, making it easy to maneuver and control. In just half an hour, you can have your entire lawn leveled and looking its best.
Stable and Durable
Size :25×50cm / 25×76cm.
Made of high-quality stainless steel, it guarantees long and lasting use.
Due to its excellent material, it can withstand frequent use and most weather conditions, making it a reliable tool.

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