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JH-Mech Tool Storage Rack with Helmet Hooks Easy to Assemble Efficient and Neat Storage Solution Wall Mounted Bike Storage Rack

About Garage Wall Organizer We have all the vertical storage system to organize everything in order and save more space for you. Our ski and snowboard storage rack provides the perfect space saving solutions!Storing the random yard tools could sometimes be a headache without a solution! With our wall mount for skis and tools, you can easily hang your garden and cleaning tools, solve the space problem immediately, without having to do a little dance around everything that used to be on the floor.


Metal Rack




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Product Specifications 
Product Details
Product Application
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Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1. Product Specifications

Don't waste time searching in a cluttered warehouse find what you need – view your entire collection at a glance with this handy, wall-mountable garage hooks. Garage wall organizer creates efficient storage space, just what you need to hang and hold your items. Use them for life, providing a very good investment for your family.

2. Product Details

Wall Mount Tools Garage Storage System

 * Garage storage systems holds up to  400 lbs

 * Suitable for garage tools or garden tools and all kinds of tools. Such as rakes, shovels, push brooms, bikes, bags, towels, robes,  umbrellas, rain boots and others.

 * Easy to attach and move around on the rail. Heavy Duty Mounting Hardware (16*Screw, 16*Expansion tube) 

If you have any questions about the garage garden tool hanger installation you can e-mail us. We will help you with it.

A thoughtfully designed side hook-rail with 9 hooks not only easily hangs your scarf, gloves, bags and more, but also provides extra space of the storage rack to keep more garden tools stored.

3. Product Application

This garage organizer is of unique design, Rubber-coated sleeves are scratch-resistant. with the stronger bearing capacity, mobile hook design, creating more storage space in the garage. 

Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?
1.To carefully evaluate ROI (return of investment) of the products.
2.To supply exact packing details; design and customized boxing for the products.
3.To supply high quality product photos or advertising pictures for the products which be sold on Amazon. Also we can help our customers to design their logo.
4.To draft the product description or unique advantages in English to be published on Amazon.
5.To ship to FBA warehouses with all duties and taxed paid. 
Contact Us for OEM & ODM Service. Our engineer and technical worker will service you.

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