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Serivce & Core Value

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Serivce & Core Value

Serivce & Core Value

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JH-Mech Serivce & Core Value 


Core Value

Customer Centric: We strive to understand our customers and give them the best. 

Our business is built in the long and strong relationship with our client. So customer first is the one of our core value.

Results Driven: We work with exceptional people who do exceptional things.

It is importatnt to us give our customer "result". Like Sample, Production, Inspection, Package, Deliver and so on. Share all the information is one of our service. And when meet with problems, we will offer 

solution to our customer.  Result is important.

Innovative: We are a perceptual work in progress always striving to be better.

To finish products in a save time, save energy, save labor work way is our pursuit. Innovation in work, process, production, package, deliver both the way to improve our productivity.

Candid: We communicate honestly and respectfully.

It is important to share the real and truth information to customer. This will help they understand their products and status of the products. We will always share your the fact.

Passionate: We work with urgency to solve problems.

We have enough and more passion to solve the problems we faced and help customer to solve their problems.



1. Metal Products design and production.

2. Online Client, like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, and so on. We offer take photos, package service.

3. Experienced sale team and after sales team to service. Monday to Friday.  8:30-12:00.  13:30-17:30.

4. 8 production line wait for service. Welcome to see our production line in video on Youtube or the front page of our website.



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