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A Brilliant New Way To Easily Store Your Bike!

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A Brilliant New Way To Easily Store Your Bike!

In order to save space to store the road bicycle for our house, we think the bike nook is a good choice for you. It can help you to store your bicycle and offer more space in your house.


The information will be shared as below.

1 what is the bike nook?

2 How to use it


1 What is the bike nook?

The bike nook is a kind of bike stand. It’s a brilliant new way to quickly & Easily Store Your Bike!


Bike Nook lets you store your bike instantly in a space-saving handstand position, freeing 3.5 feet of floor space in your living room, bedroom, or garage!


Below is the advantage of this product:


a. Easy-to-use upright design means no more struggling to lift & hang heavy bikes to make room in your house.

b. Prevents bikes from scratching or damaging walls, ceilings, cars, & more while you store.

c. Lets you keep your bike inside, protected from bike thieves & other damage.

d. Adjusts to various heights, for bikes with 10 inch wheel size or bigger; so it's perfect for mountain bikes, road bikes, racers, kids' bikes, beach bikes & more!


It includes two pieces for one set: the bike stand and metal tube. The stand and tube are connected by screw. There are three rubber feet to protect the bottom.


2 How to use it


Step 1: Assemble parts

When you received the product, it is in bulk. Therefore, you need to assemble the product according to the instructions. It’s a very simple steps.


Step 2: Adjust the height.

To adjust the height according to the diameter of your tire. The height of this product can be adjusted from 24 inches to 29 inches.


Step 3: Put the bike

To put your bicycle on the nook and make sure everything is stable.


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