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A good companion for the fireplace

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A good companion for the fireplace

Indoor Firewood Rack  

What is the most amazing thing in cold winter evening? Right, the answer is to sit near the fireplace, to feel the warmth of fire and atmosphere.

Fireplace has a magic power to create friendly atmosphere and the best feelings.

Moreover you can save money on electricity as there is no any necessity to turn on the light.

But if you really want to sit in front of the fire and experience all mentioned above you need to provide yourself with all necessary stuff.

One of the basic conditions is to get firewood.

The firewood is dry wood. That is why it significantly important to keep your firewood dry all the time.

And that‘s why it is absolutely useless and inappropriate to keep your firewood somewhere on the ground.

If your firewood is on the ground it can absorb moisture or even mold or/and rot can appear.

That is why firewood rack has been manufactured. Its goal is to avoid all these consequences and to provide you with excellent dry firewood. This kind of equipment helps to place firewood in order.

A person who uses firewood rack always can use the firewood as it being dry. Moreover, the cover of firewood rack protects firewood from ants and termites.

These insects won’t be able to damage your wood. Every fireplace owner should bear in mind that there are two types of firewood racks: indoor firewood racks and outdoor firewood racks.

As a rule outdoor firewood racks are larger, they can comprise more firewood.

Indoor firewood racks have more decorative then practical function. The best material for firewood racks is steel. As steel is a strong and durable material. That is why still firewood racks will last for many years.

And in generally, firewood racks solve many problems and at the same time make your room more organized. Use of firewood rack is a guarantee that you have dry wood all the time.

And you won’t be afraid of any weather conditions or wet ground. We think that for any fireplace owner to have a firewood rack is a must.

Next, I will introduce to you our new indoor firewood rack.

A unique design

The crescent-shaped design disguises how practical it is: this firewood rack easily stores 30 lbs of wood – which keeps your indoor or outdoor fire going all night. Between the curves is a separate kindling rack storage space, giving you easy access when you light your fire. Not only does this decorative log stacker contribute to the overall feel of your home, you will be lapping up the compliments and admiration from your guests.

Thick steel material and heavy duty construction design makes this firewood rack sturdy and durable for hauling wood into the house. The thickened base and rack side boards with beauty design keep the whole fire wood basket stable and firm to carry bundle of firewood.

There are advantage of our product:

Super Easy Assembly

No need for any tools or hardware, it's easy to slide together. Then you can enjoy your work.

Kindling Holder

We shaped a space to store kindling separately, as you’ll want easy access to kindling when starting a fire. This modern crescent-shaped firewood rack is both functional and stylish.

The End

This is a unique product of ours, and we can also create a product that belongs to you only. If you have any ideas, please contact me through this email: jamesdu@jh-mech.com.


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