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A simple product to crate a successful business

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A simple product to crate a successful business

In order to save space and improve the storage capacity of our house, we think about many ways to achieve the goal. In this article, we will introduce the lip bracket to you. It can help to decorate your home and offer more space on the wall.


The information will be shared as below.

1 What is the lip bracket?

2 How to install the bracket

3 Our Advantage


1 What is the lip bracket?

The lip shelf bracket is the most popular shelf bracket in the market. They will be mounted on the wall with a wood board. You can put the heavy weight project on it, such as metal photo frame, paint, art works, books and other stuffs to save your space.


The lip bracket are made by heavy duty carbon steel, with powder coated surface. They are durable and rust-proof.


The shape is similar to the letter L, so someone call it L bracket also. It is formed by bending a piece of high-quality steel! The loading capacity is up to 65kg per pair. The most popular size is 11.25length. There are holes on metal plate so that the brackets can be fixed on the wall the screws. It is widely used in the house or apartment, garage, restaurant, office, stores or shops and so on.


2 How to install it

  Step 1: Locate Install Space

Place brackets against wall in the desired position and mark holes with a pencil where holes in the vertical part meet the wall. Make sure the brackets are in the right direction. Use level to insure the brackets are horizontal.


 Step 2: Install Brackets to Wall

Using a power drill and drill bit, drill hole into

wall marks, then insert the wall plugs into the

holes. Using a power drill or screw-driver, drive

provided screws into wall plugs, securing

brackets to the wall.


 Step 3: Drill hole into the shelf

Using a power drill and 1/2’’ drill bit, drill holes into the shelf where the rods meet the shelf.


 Step 4: Slide Shelf Onto Brackets

Slide shelf onto brackets.


3 Our advantages

A lot of suppliers are producing this product, but our invisible brackets stand out from them.

3.1 The advantages of our company


3.1.1 Professional engineering team: Our engineer team is professional in mechanical design and manufacturing. They can help you from the drawing making, design change, customizing the products, packing designing etc.


3.1.2 QA team: Our QA inspects the finished products before shipment.


3.1.3 Professional service: Our sales can speak very good English. They also have been trained to know fully about the products and have the knowledge of manufacturing processes etc. Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours.


3.1.4 FBA shipping service: Normally we will quote DDP price to our customer so that the goods will be shipped from the factory to your door by our forwarder with reasonable cost.


3.1.5 Manufacture capacity: 10000 to 50000 pcs of invisible bracket in 30 days.


3.2 The advantages of our invisible brackets


  3.2.1 Our invisible brackets are made by Q235 Carbon Steel material. The strength of Carbon Steel helps the brackets to have higher loading.

  3.2.2 Our production processes are quite efficient so that our cost is controlled very well. That leads to the very competitive price in the market.


  3.2.3 The thickness of the powder coating on our lip brackets is 0.5mm. Before the powder coating process, the sandblasting is necessary to clean the surface from dirt, oil etc. It also will improve the adhesion performance of the coating eventually.


  3.2.4 We ever inspected 100% for the perpendicularity between the horizontal part and the vertical part of our lip brackets in mass production. According to the results of testing 10,000 pcs of our invisible brackets, the good part rate is higher than 95%. We have our own inspection gauge to do the testing in house. The shelf board will be leveled well and the stuff on the shelf will not fall off easily.


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