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Best Way To Stock Kayak

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Best Way To Stock Kayak

There are two main issues when you have a passion for kayaking; getting the kayaks to and from the water, and finding the best kayak storage racks for when you’re not using them. The first issue is easily sorted by getting yourself a great kayak trailer and setting out on your adventure! Let’s face it, kayaking is fantastic, there is nothing quite like the rush of being at one with the water, whether it’s calm or you’re in the middle of the rapids.

But, kayaks are not the smallest of beasts, you need to devise a kayak storage system that works for you. It doesn’t matter if you want kayak ceiling storage, kayak garage storage, or if you want to fashion your own DIY kayak storage rack. What matters is locating the best kayak storage rack for your needs and accepting that it’s different for everyone.

Following content includes three aspects.
1. What is kayak bracket?
2. Specification of Kayak bracket.
3. How to Install kayak bracket?
4. Application.

1. What is kayak bracket?
Kayak bracket is a type of kayak accessory that attaches to wall to hold one kayak. Normally, there are two series of kayak. They are simple wall mounted style and ceiling mounted style. Most popular series is the wall mounted kayak bracket..

2. Specification of Kayak bracket

Wall mount kayak bracket for indoor or outdoor storage in your garage, shop, house. They fit on drywall, wall stud and other wall types neatly, frees up space on the ground. And Kayak bracket length 15 inches, It holds a large item with a 13 inches or less width, can hanging kayak, canoe, SUP, snowboard, wakeboard, surfing board. 

3. How to install the bracket? 
    Choose the right place, make a mark
    Drill holes at the positions
    Put the Plastic expansion screws into the holes
    Tighten up the metal screw

4. Application
Covid-19 will be defeat by all of us soon. We believe everyone could go outside in near future. If you are interested in the kayak bracket and want to customized it, feel free to contact us. Unit price with shipping freight will be sent to you in 2 hours later.


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