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Do Something for Nature, Make Life Full of Love

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Do Something for Nature, Make Life Full of Love

When birds are tired, they need a place to rest, and good people will place a warm nest for them. But birds like to stay in the trees, so now we need a plant hook to help your bird feeder and bird nest.
This plant hook is swivel with eight orientations to choose from. This feature is only to make your choice more free, so that children can observe the bird's every move from the perspective they like.

1.What is a swivel hanging bracket?
2.What is the swivel hanging bracket for?
3.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1.What is a swivel hanging bracket?


The rotating plant hook/swivel hanging bracket is ideal for bird feeders, bird nests, wind chimes, etc. Hang on a wall, fence or deck. Having a 16-inch length(or any customized length) with 360-degree maximum radius rotation and 8 gear options also means you never have to worry about your flower pots, wind lights, etc. interacting with each other.

It is used high-quality solid iron, in fact, as long as you find a hard enough support point, its carrying capacity can even exceed 25 pounds.

2.What is the swivel hanging bracket for?


Multi-Purpose: Swivel plant hanger are suitable for hanging bird feeders, lanterns, flower pots, plant pots, wind chimes etc. Whether used indoors or outdoors, Adding elegance and beauty to your home or garden.   


3.What are the advantages of our swivel hanging bracket?


1. Several sizes available, such as 10” 12” and 16”. Except for that, we welcome any customized sizes.
2. More style can be chosen.There is swivel hanging bracket, and also solid hanging bracket. 
3. Customized package provided and logo on the product and also inner box.
4. Two kind of screws: screws for wall brick and also for drywall are included.


4. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1. Professional engineer team to draft customized drawings.
2.Factory price.
3. High and clear marketing pictures and videos for customer who are selling on Amazon.
4.Cheap and fast Amazon DDP/DDU shipment service.



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