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Durable design to store your weight plate

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Durable design to store your weight plate

In order to save space and improve the storage capacity of your power rack, we think about many ways to achieve the goal. In this article, we will introduce the weight plate holder attachment to you. It can help to store your weight plate and offer more space on the training room.


The information will be shared as below.

1 What is the weight plate holder attachment?

2 How to install it

3 Our Advantage


1 What is the weight plate holder attachment?


Compatible with 2 inch*3 inch racks, 0.6 hole or larger and 2 weight plate. The weight plate holder can be easy to install and fit most of 2*3 square tubes rack and 0.6 hole or larger.


Weight Plate Holder is made of solid steel with black powder-coated to prevent item from being corrosive, rusty or broken apart and extend the age after a long time using. Each Weight Plate Holder can withstand 300 lbs and the total set can hold 600 lbs due to well-constructed structure.


This pair of weight plate holders is the perfect alternative for bulky & space-consuming weight plate trees The holders are especially perfect for home gym, garage gym, or commercial fitness facilities with a small space.

Easy to inser and lick-in design. Just slider pin into power rack's hole and wing down to lock in place. The design is especially ideal for loading and unloading the weight plate.

2 How to install it

 Step 1: Locate Install Space

Place the holder against power rack in the holes. Make sure the holder are in the right direction. Slide pin into power rack.


 Step 2: Fix it

When the bracket is installed on the power rack, please swing down to lock in place. 

 Step 3: Put your weight plate on it

Slide the weight plate onto the holder, and maker sure it is workable, 

 Step 4: Enjoy your work

Save your space and keep your plates off the floor.

3 Our advantages

A lot of suppliers are producing this product, but our weight plate holder stand out from them.

3.1 The advantages of our company


3.1.1 Professional engineering team: Our engineer team is professional in mechanical design and manufacturing. They can help you from the drawing making, design change, customizing the products, packing designing etc.


3.1.2 QA team: Our QA inspects the finished products before shipment.


3.1.3 Professional service: Our sales can speak very good English. They also have been trained to know fully about the products and have the knowledge of manufacturing processes etc. Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours.


3.1.4 FBA shipping service: Normally we will quote DDP price to our customer so that the goods will be shipped from the factory to your door by our forwarder with reasonable cost.


3.1.5 Manufacture capacity: 10000 to 20000 units of weight plate holder in 30 days.


3.2 The advantages of our weight plate holder

  3.2.1 Our weight plate holder are made by Q235 Carbon Steel material. The strength of Carbon Steel helps the holder to have higher loading.

  3.2.2 Our production processes are quite efficient so that our cost is controlled very well. That leads to the very competitive price in the market.


  3.2.3 The thickness of the powder coating on our holder is 3mm. Before the powder coating process, the sandblasting is necessary to clean the surface from dirt, oil etc. It also will improve the adhesion performance of the coating eventually.


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