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Expandable Metal Filter Screen Leaf Gutter Strainer Downpipe Mesh Protector Covers

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Expandable Metal Filter Screen Leaf Gutter Strainer Downpipe Mesh Protector Covers

Product Introduction


JH-Mech Expandable Metal Filter Screen  Leaf Gutter Strainer Downpipe Mesh Protector Covers

 No more plugged downpipes. No more spending a small fortune trying to unclog your gutter system. No more hissing in frustration at the sight of your gutters overflowing whenever there’s a downpour.


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1.Product Description

2.JH-Mech Metal Filter Screen Features

3.Installation Process

4.Packing & Delivery

5.Why choose JH-Mech as supplier

  1. Product Description

The metal gutter guard can be used to filter out garbage, fallen leaves, weeds, dusts, debris or other pollutants, and protect downpipes and gutters from being blocked; install it once and for all, and no repeated maintenance is required, so that you no longer have to worry about the water pipe being blocked, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy to dredge the pipe


  1. JH-Mech Metal Filter Screen Features



Our aluminum downspout gutter guard uses heavy duty gutter mesh to aid smaller debris and water down your spout whilst stopping larger leaves – a much more effective solution than rain gutter screens.







Not all gutter protector guards are created equal. Some are made using plastic that soon cracks under the sun, while others are crafted from cheap metal that quickly rusts.

We’ve gone down the premium route. Made using aluminum, our downspout strainers remain intact and rust-free all-year round for years to come.



Gutter Guard works perfectly in preventing drain spout blockage and making gutters easier to clean!

Simply squeeze the guard into the drain spout entrance and watch as the smaller debris filters down the drain and larger leaves and twigs stop causing a blockage.

Forget about strainers, use gutter guards as an inexpensive and quick-to-install solution for all your gutter problems!


2.Installation Process


Firstly, we recommend always wearing gloves when installing gutter guards as the edges are very sharp.

Next, you need to squeeze the gutter guard into the top of your drain spout.

Once you're happy with the placement of your gutter guard, step back and watch it in action.


Packing & Delivery


5.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


  1. To carefully evaluate ROI (return of investment) of the products.
  2. To supply exact packing details; design and customized boxing for the products.
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