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Float your granite countertop using our hidden granite brackets

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Float your granite countertop using our hidden granite brackets


Countertops made from granite, marble, quartz, Silestone, Corian and even heavy butcher block are becoming very popular. Kitchen designers and homeowners are pushing the structural limits of these solid surface materials as they become aware of new trends and materials available to them. Accordingly Centerline Brackets specializes in manufacturing high quality countertop supports designed to safely support and bracket commercial and residential applications.


Countertop Brackets are part of this new movement. Our countertop support brackets are the gold standard in countertop brackets and used in thousands of kitchens across the country. Traditional supports such as wooden corbels, standard legs and typical angled braces are giving way to “Hidden” Granite Brackets giving your kitchen a more spacious design.


Now we share the information about our countertop brackets from the following aspects

1. What are the advantages of our countertop brackets?

2. What Is the benefits our countertop brackets can provide?

3. How to choose the suitable size and quantity?


1. What are the advantages of our countertop brackets?

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Fitment: Compatible with quartz, granite, wood, concrete or laminate, support countertops securely.

Material: Heavy duty steel material, solid construction, well powder coated surface.

Condition: Brand new. Durable, versatile and efficient. Add a simple work surface in sitting room for books or family photos. Bring years of joyful use.

Design: Industry-style design, beautify the corner of the kitchen, provide a storage space for clutter.


         Install with ease.                               Nice weld.                                  Strong construction.



2. What is the benefits our countertop brackets can provide?

SUPPORT - and strengthen your granite countertops helping you avoid potentially costly and dangerous breaks.

HIDDEN - They provide a more spacious and open looking looking environment.

TOUGH - Most of our brackets are made of 1/2 inch steel and have multiple mounting points.

SAFE - Our brackets mount directly to your knee / pony wall providing a strong and stable structure for your granite countertop to rest on.

THIN - no corbels or braces for you or your guests to hit their knees on.

EASY - to install. Learn how to properly install our brackets by following our easy to understand tutorials.

INEXPENSIVE - typically much less expensive than corbels.



3. How to choose the suitable size and quantity?

Please follow the three steps to choose the suitable size:

1) Typically the bracket will be the same length as the overhang.

2) The length of the bracket should include the width of the knee wall.

3) Granite Brackets should be set three - four inches back from the edge of the granite counter top to insure they are hidden from view.


How many granite brackets will you need? Please follow the three steps to decide the quantity:

1) Countertop brackets are generally spaced 18 - 24 inches apart.

2) Start with a bracket at each end of the countertop set 4 - 6 inches away from the end

3) Now measure the space left

4) The space left is divided by 24 inches, then you got the quantity of granite brackets would be required for the space left.

5) A bracket will be placed 6 inches in from each side

6) Granite brackets for the ends and for granite brackets for the middle, then you get how many pcs for total of countertop brackets required.


4. Granite Bracket - before view - after view


Here is a link to send us an inquiry to purchase this product: https://www.jh-mech.com/message.html, please feel free to contact Moana Hao. Our Engineer and Technical worker will Service You.


5. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1)  JH-Mech is an OEM supplier who is committed in metal fabrication works including metal stamping & cutting, forming, welding, assembly and packing etc.

2)  Our engineer will help to design your own model based on your drawing, specification, sample or a sketch. You can count on us to accomplish the qualified products to your customers.

3)  Our art designer will help to design your own packaging such as color box, color card etc.

In a word, you can find one station service here. JH-Mech is the right choice for you!


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