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Green packaging, green life

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Green packaging, green life

To protect our environment, a lot of countries forbid people to use plastic to pack things. So the Kraft wrap paper and honeycomb wrap roll paper becomes more popular. To assist people to hold and cut the wrap paper, the honeycomb wrap paper dispenser comes to the market. It provides a easy life, a green solution of packing.


1.What is a honeycomb paper dispenser?
2.The current style of the honeycomb paper dispenser.
3.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1.What is a honeycomb paper dispenser?

The honeycomb paper dispenser assists the honeycomb paper packaging, which is convenient for the honeycomb paper to stretch and unfold, and the honeycomb unit is formed into a three-dimensional honeycomb so that the wrapped object is not easy to shake, leak and scratch.

It is made by heavy duty carbon steel and holds more. Normally a 50 cm width, 250 meters wrapping paper can be put on it very steadily. We also sells the honeycomb wrap paper together to provide the one station service to our customer. With them, you can pack your glassware, your wines, your plates, and any fragile things you want to protect.

2. Current sizes and styles.
1) The current size is 60cm long and 40 cm width, it could be universal for most of the normal honeycomb wrap papers.
2) There are three designs: to hold one rolls and also two rolls.


3.  Why choose JH-Mech as a supplier?

1.Professional engineer team to draft customized drawings.
2.Factory price.
3.High and clear marketing pictures and videos for customer who are selling on Amazon.
4.Cheap and fast Amazon DDP/DDU shipment service.



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