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How Could We Keep Safe in The Hurricane

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How Could We Keep Safe in The Hurricane

As we all know, the hurricane, which comes from the Caribbean language of the devil hurican, is a natural phenomenon that usually accompanied by strong wind and rainstorm, which seriously threatens people's life and property, and has a great impact on people's livelihood, agriculture, economy and so on. When a hurricane comes, how could we take protective measures at home?


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1.What is a hurricane windows clips?
2.What are the details of hurricane windows clips?
3.What is the application of hurricane windows clips?
4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1.What is a hurricane windows clips?

Hurricane window clip securely attaches plywood boarding to the exterior brick window casings for quick hurricane and storm protection, without the use of any tools or additional hardware.

2.What are the details of hurricane windows clips?


3.What are the advantages of hurricane windows clips?

1. EASY TO INSTALL: Hurricane window clips easily slip on to the edges of 1/2" plywood board; typically use 4 per window. Then push the plywood board into the window frame and it is securely held in place by the clips. No special tools, nails, screws, caulking, adhesives or glue required. Easy to install and remove by one person. Removal is easy by hand, but it will not come off during high winds due to its unique snap-in grip design features.
2. REUSABLE: Hurricane window clips are hard-wearing, rugged and will last year after year. After removal, they can be reused over and over; an inexpensive investment for your peace of mind.
3. NO MORE DRILLING: Hurricane window clips remove any need to drill holes for screws, nails, brackets or bolts that permanently damage the exterior of your home.
4. HOLDS STRONG: The serrated end secures into your window casing to hold the plywood in place.
5. LONG LASTING: Store in dry place and use every hurricane season.
6. EASY TO REMOVE: Slightly bend the serrated portion back to remove tension and pull plywood out of window casing.


4. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1. We take a leading position in the field of stamping products and we have a professional engineering team.
2. We provide different sizes and types, any customized design is welcomed, too. 
3. As a manufacturer, we could reduce the cost and greatly shorten the delivery time.
4. We provide our clients with effective and convenient one-stop service.
5. We could print LOGO on products according to customers' needs, and try our best to meet customers' various customized requirements.



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