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How is our floating shelf bracket packaged?

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How is our floating shelf bracket packaged?

Since JH-Mech started to produce a series of shelf bracket products, we have had 10 years of production experience. Of course, with the development of different societies, many users have more and more requirements on the appearance and packaging of products, they want to make the packaging more delicate and beautiful. Today, this article mainly talks about how our brackets are usually packed and what kind of packaging boxes we can customize for you.

First of all, about how many brackets are packed, this is a question many people will ask. 4 or 6 in a box is what many people pursue. If you want to put more, it is no problem to put 8 brackets in a small box. If you only want to hold 2 in one box, it is also a good choice.


Second question most people will ask, what is exactly included in one package ? Do we include the appropriate number of screws and a plastic wall plug anchor to go along with the floating shelf bracket? There is no doubt that a sufficient number of screws and wall plugs will be placed in the packing box, which is convenient for people to install and use. And we can provide you with different wall plugs.

Do you have the ability to bundle other products into one package? Many people only find that there is no drill bit and no level when using it. Let's solve this problem for you. Not only can we add drill bits and small levels to the box, but also add positioning plate and tapes , so that your bracket can be installed correctlly and serve you better. 


Do you have the ability to print our business name and logo on the product package? Of course, you can send us your logo. In less than a week, 1000 boxes will be ready specially for you. 


Contact us to make your bracket more special and attractive in a exclusive Custom Box. 




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