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Is your washing machine, refrigerator, furniture too heavy to move? SPACECARE mobile base, it is your good helper.

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Is your washing machine, refrigerator, furniture too heavy to move? SPACECARE mobile base, it is your good helper.

Is your washing machine, refrigerator, furniture too heavy to move? SPACECARE mobile base, it is your good helper.



SPACECARE – Lightweight Solutions to Lighten Your Load



In this share, we will share the information as below:


What is mobile base

Specs & Details

Maximum Capacity

What You Get

How to install it ?

Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?




What is Mobile Base

The Multi-functional mobile base is a high-performance product, built with sturdy PVC pieces and stainless-steel poles, this dolly has a weight limit of a hefty 800lb, making moving large furniture or appliances like washing machines and dressers fast and effortless. Sitting on top of 4 rubber swivel wheels, this Base can be moved across any smooth flooring with little effort.





- Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance and anti-corrosion.
- Effectively reduce the washing machine vibration and noise.
- Durable, sturdy, adjustable dimension and convenient movement.
- Easily adjust the sturdy poles to suit the larger furniture.
- Maintaining ventilation of the bottom, anti-rust and easy to be moved.


Specs & Details

Product Type:

Mobile base with 8 Strong Feet,4 Locking Rubber Swivel Wheels Roller Dolly

Size adjustment:

Length: 18.5 - 26.8 inch, Width: 18.5 - 26.8 inch, Height: 2.36 - 3.54 inch.


Suitable for dryers, washing machines, freezer, refrigerators, cabinets, pans, air conditioners, furniture


PP and stainless steel


White, Grey or customized


200 pcs





Maximum Capacity

Maximum capacity: 800 lbs.


The quality strong refrigerator stand base is made of high strength stainless steel tube and polypropylene tray base. Excellent stability and load capacity, will not break for long use. It is ideal for large household appliances and can load weight up to 800lbs. All casters are with lock, high mechanical strength, you can assemble it yourself. Preventing appliances from rusting due to ground moisture.



What You Get

- 8 x Rubber Swivel Wheels
- 4 x Adjustable Strong Feet
- 4 x Anti-skid Pads
- 4 x Double-layer Structure Poles
- 1x Screwdriver
- 32 x Screws

How to install it ?

1. Connect the triangle bases with the connecting tubes.
2. Move the connecting tubes to adjust the size of the base.
3. Adjust the connecting tubes in the center through the holes on the back.
4. Fix the size by pressing the button lock.
5. Adjust the height by twisting the lower ring on the feet.
6. Put the base flat and check if the spirit level is in center.
7. Fix the height by twisting the upper ring on the feet.
8.Stabilize the base by pressing down the button lock on the wheels.

Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

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