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JH-Mech --- Drill Storage Rack Supplier

Keep your cordless drills and impacts charged and ready for action with this easy to build storage station.

It's a shame to keep your cordless power tools hidden away in their molded cases, as it takes longer to find the tool you need and you might find the battery is not charged up. This wall-mounted cordless tool station keeps your tools ready for action and fully-charged.

This great drill holster made with steel, and this cordless tool station has a handy shelf to hold a power strip, chargers, and batteries. This tool station can also be made with a pull-out drawer to store small accessories such as screws and bits.


The full plans and cut list are available online. Just remember to measure the size of the drill docking stations to make sure they fit your tools. Modify these areas as needed to fit larger tools such as 18-volt drills next to 12-volt impacts. This station makes a great first woodworking project because it's inexpensive, can be built using basic tools, and is a functional workshop piece that will get almost daily use.


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