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JH-Mech --- How to Install Folding Shelving Brackets

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JH-Mech --- How to Install Folding Shelving Brackets

Extra shelf space is always useful, and shelving brackets are a great way to turn wall space that you are not currently using into a functional shelf. However, there are limits on where you can fit an ordinary shelf, as some wall space is required, and installing shelves on it would interfere with other space. This is where folding shelving brackets come in. Folding shelving brackets can give you all of the benefits of a shelf, with none of the space requirements when it is not in use. What follows should give you all of the information you need to install them.

Step 1 - Planning the Shelf

In order to make your shelf installation a success, you will have to plan it out carefully. Failing to do this very precisely will result in a shelf that is ugly, or possibly even useless.

Pick a location for your shelf. Once you have picked a place for it to go, you will need to plan it out correctly so that it is perfectly parallel to the ground. The best way to do this is with a level. Use your level on the wall, and make appropriate, light markings of your measurements on the wall with your pencil.

Plan out the placement of your brackets. Use the marks that you have made as a guide. Then, if possible, locate a wall stud. Installing your brackets over wall studs will make them more reliable, and remove the requirement to use drywall anchors, so it is a good idea. Any commercial stud detector will work perfectly well for this. Finally, use an actual bracket to make pencil marks to plan out in advance where your drywall anchors or screws will have to go.

Step 2 - Installing Drywall Anchors

Chances are good that you have chosen a location for at least one of your brackets that is on drywall, not a wall stud. If this is the case, you will have to use drywall anchors to attach it to your wall. The best way to do this is with a drill with a screwdriver head. Electric drills and hand powered drills are both acceptable here. Secure the bracket in place, and use your drill to install the drywall anchors on the carefully measured marks you made previously. Do this for every bracket that requires drywall anchors, but do not tighten them all the way. Doing this allows you to check your work and make minor adjustments before finishing the job. Test out your brackets and make sure that they are perfectly in place before continuing. If they are not, adjust them appropriately.

Step 3 - Installing Screws

Now that your drywall anchors are installed and your brackets are placed properly, the only thing left to do is installing screws to permanently affix your shelving brackets. You can use your drill again, or an ordinary screwdriver. Add the screws to your drywall anchors, and additionally take this time to screw the brackets that you planned to place over wall studs into your wall.


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