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JH-Mech---How to fit shelving brackets

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JH-Mech---How to fit shelving brackets

Whether you need shelves in the bedroom or garage, here's a quick guide to choosing and fitting the right shelving brackets.

Most right-angle brackets have one arm longer than the other. Fix the long arm to the wall, unless the instructions state otherwise.

The width of a shelf should be only about 25mm greater than the length of the horizontal arm of the bracket.

Large overhangs can lead to the shelf becoming overloaded, which may cause the brackets to fail. Always secure shelves by screwing them to the brackets. 


For heavy loads

Usually made in high-strength pressed steel. One type has a continuous aluminum bracket that supports the shelf along its whole length.


For medium/light loads

Suitable for narrow shelves where other brackets are too large. Designed for reinforcing the corners of cabinets, but suitable for shelves. The radiator shelf option (below) wedges behind a radiator and needs no wall fixings.


For medium/heavy loads 

A range of styles for different types of medium to heavy loads. Includes wrought-iron, pressed steel, both with holes for screws and plastic with a steel pin support (for a radiator shelf).


For light loads

Made in either pressed steel or aluminum, they have holes for screws.

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