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JH-Mech---The Complete Guide to Kraft Paper Dispensers / Cutters

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JH-Mech---The Complete Guide to Kraft Paper Dispensers / Cutters

Kraft Paper Cutters, often called Kraft Paper Dispensers are very useful when it comes to dispensing, cutting and transporting these sometimes very large and heavy rolls. There are many different types, brands and styles. There are Table Top, Wall Mount and Kraft Paper Dispensers with wheels, also known as Casters. There are units that hold and dispense one roll, two rolls, three, four, eight and even up to 20 rolls of Kraft paper. They come in many widths between 12" and 72". This is the most complete list of Kraft Paper Dispensers that we have seen. Let's look at the many different types of Kraft Paper Dispensers that are available on the market today.

There is your Economy Style Kraft Paper Cutter / Dispenser. A strong, but basic model. It cuts paper rolls evenly and smoothly. No bells and whistles on this model. It does what it says. Dispenses Kraft paper. Strongly Constructed, this model can used on a counter, great for a retail sales counter. The style dispenser is currently available in 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", and 48" widths. This unit puts a hurting on Kraft Paper, not your wallet!

If space is a premium in your classroom, school, office, warehouse or retail location, then you may want to check out the Vertical Style Kraft Paper Dispensers and Cutters. This very popular Vertical Dispenser is perfect for commercial and industrial packing and wrapping. Designed for the practical, space saving and efficient dispensing, cutting and storage of your rolls of Kraft Paper. Available in 15", 18", 20", 24", 27", 30"-36", 40"-48" sizes. With casters or without. Available in single roll, double roll, four roll, and eight roll Kraft Paper Dispenser units.


For more information on, or to purchase a Kraft Paper Dispenser, Click ---> Kraft Paper Dispensers and Cutters


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