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JH-Mech--OEM Roll Paper Dispensers / Cutters Supplier

Are you a busy ‎deli, farm shop, butcher shop, garden center or similar retail outlet selling locally-sourced fresh food products? If so, you’ll be well aware that using quality food packaging materials to protect and preserve fresh food products not only differentiates you from the supermarkets but also supports your premium pricing.

Food packaging is a must to preserve and protect food for any business in the food service industry. Delis, restaurants, and grocery stores are required to use food packaging materials for their busiest times of the day.

JH-Mech is happy to provide the world’s most popular paper cutters and dispensers for butcher paper, cling wrap, wax paper, foil and film. The use of these butcher paper dispensers in a roll rather than pre-cut sheets can often mean the difference between profit and loss.

In addition to food preservation, you will also find many businesses using butcher paper as a disposable table cloth or hanging a dispenser with a roll of brown Kraft paper for decoration and daily menu options.

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