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JH-Mech 18 Holes Car Stand Screwdriver Organizer Holder Hex Cross Storage Rack With Screw Tray

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JH-Mech 18 Holes Car Stand Screwdriver Organizer Holder Hex Cross Storage Rack With Screw Tray

Product Specification

JH-Mech Power Tool Holder JH-Mech Power Tool Holder

Product Name JH-Mech 18 Holes Car Stand Screwdriver Organizer Holder Hex Cross Storage Rack With Screw Tray
Dimensions 16" and customized 
Surfce Matte Finish 
Material Carbon steel
Color Black, white and customized
Design Style Minimalist, Traditional, Rustic, Instucrial, Modem
Usage Garage, Home, Workshop, Garden
Features Rust and corrosion resistant









The garage hook is suitable for all the tools in the garage to help you make full use of all the space in the garage and keep all the tools in order,from bikes to extension cords, garage hanger can be used to help you solve the problem easily.

The Assembly Process

JH-Mech Power Tool Holder  JH-Mech Power Tool Holder

Product Show

JH-Mech Power Tool Holder JH-Mech Drill Bit Storage Holder

Universal Hanging

Storage Hooks are fully modular, freely repositioned and work with most slatwalls. The 90 degree latch is compatible more slatwalls.

JH-Mech Power Tool Holder        JH-Mech Power Tool Holder

Because it's wall mounted, you are utilizing unused storage space that would otherwise clutter your work area. Organize your screws in a space-efficient way with this heavy-duty, wall mounted drill storage rack!


JH-Mech Power Tool Holder   JH-Mech Power Tool Holder   JH-Mech Power Tool Holder

High-Grade Steel Back Plate  Our back plates have been specially designed to disperse the workload throughout the wall. The result are high capacity hooks able to support just about anything you can think of!

Powder Coated Finish  All Hooks feature a high quality powder-coated grey finish which resists scratching and corrosion.

Rubber Coating  Store your stuff with confidence! Heavy-duty hooks are dipped in a durable rubber coating that keep your hung items secure and protected.

Using Scenarios

JH-Mech tool storage rack 10  JH-Mech tool storage rack 9

JH-Mech tool storage rack 13   JH-Mech tool storage rack 12  JH-Mech tool storage rack 11

Production Process

Company Profile

Based on many years experience, JH-Mech has been a professional supplier dealing with stamping products. You can not only buy the products, but also finds we also can provide professional and economy shipping method.We can cooperate big customer for each buying and shipping, also help small customers to do business in a one sation service process.


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