JH-Mech 24 Inch stainless steel wall mounted craft paper dispenser


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JH-Mech 24 Inch stainless steel wall mounted craft paper dispenser
Product Description

Children's Graffiti Board DIY Adult Drawing Note Kraft Paper Roll and Wall Mounted Hanging Easel


If you are a thinker, the studio roller offers you an effective way to write down your ideas and analysis on the board;
If you are an owner of a restaurant or a coffee bar, it will be a very impressive way to display your manus on the wall;
If you are a mother or father of kids, you don't need to be worried about their doodle anymore, and it is also a very convenient way to save their art work.


It has multi-purpose function, our goal is to make your life more convenience!

*Comes with 3 sets of screws, can be mounted into either cavity wall or solid wall*The fixed bar is a cutter, you can always save your art work by tearing off paper
*It is a perfect way to display cafe or restaurant manus, your ideas, jobs, lists, or worked as children's graffiti wall
More Details

*The bracket is made of 2.5mm thickness steel, can weigh up to 22lb paper roll
*Fit for 24" kraft paper roller, NOTE: kraft paper roll is not included, only steel frame

*The Paper Roll Holder is the perfect way to display artwork, menus, lists, diagrams -- you name it!
*Works wonderfully in homes, offices, restaurants, classrooms, home schooling, and more Fits 24" Kraft, Butcher Paper, Freezer, or Wrapping Paper Rolls
*Heavy Duty, made from aircraft-style aluminum for strength and longevity. Powder Coated, will not rust with Lifetime Service Policy