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JH-Mech Decorate Your Home- Metal Plant Stand

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JH-Mech Decorate Your Home- Metal Plant Stand

Nowadays, people plant some flowers, herb in their garden. With these colourful plants, the garden will look beautiful and people will feel pleasant when they in the yard. While to make the garden flowers and herbs looks having more sense of depth, the ground cannot offer this. So we use some tool to help us make the garden with layers scene. The plant stand is used to do this work. Now we share some information on one of the plant stands- metal plant stand.

Below article will share the guide information to you
1 What is a plant stand?
2 How to make the plant stand?
3 What is the advantage of the metal plant stand?

1.    What is a plant stand
The plant stand is generic terms of all kinds of tools to place flower pot, herb pot, or plant rack. Depend on the material, it can be classified to wood plant stand, metal plant stand, cast iron plant stand.
For wood plant stand, it includes bamboo wood, pinewood, rubberwood, oak wood and more...  
Metal plant stands with the material steel, alloy, stainless steel, copper... It is more used in modern plant stand with a simple design and heavy-duty loading capacity.
The cast-iron plant stand is a technology of casting. This kind of plant stands normally used in art or antique design. The whole plant stands normal in one take mould to make out. The whole stand will be very heavy while it can protect in decades.
2. How to make a plant stand?
How to make plant stand is a question for most people. No matter wood one, metal one or cast iron one, it both need profession tool to make it to the shape of the design. For example, metal plant stand. For the material is metal material, it needs to use profession machine to cut the steel, bending the iron, stamping or laser cutting the pattern so that it can meet the original design.

From the picture above, we can see, these simple design plants stand with iron cutting to small parts, bending to circle, laser cutting patterns, welding the small parts together, polish the surface and joint dots. Painting the surface with nice colour. Then it can be in the finish in the final one.
3 What is the advantage of the metal plant stand?
The first one is metal is durable and strong. It can meet a wide range of plant stands and it with enough technology to make it to the shape. And the design can from antique to modern. Compared with wood, it is not easy to rot. It can be in the garden or outdoor for a long time, but wood maybe rots after rain and sun work together. Compared with the casting iron ones, it is not so heavy and most of this one-designs in small parts to assembly together to one. So it is easy to carry or shipping. It sells very well in the local market. The colour of the metal plant stand can be changed easily. If you want to change a mood, just come to Walmart or Target to buy a painting. You can change to any colour you wanted.



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