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JH-Mech Dumbbell Bracket Supplier

Exercising is more and more important in modern life. People want to make themselves more healthy by doing exercise. But depending on the way you exercise, you may have different effect subsequently. Besides, modern life limit the way of exercise people can choose. They don’t have enough time and place to take exercise. The only choice for them is taking some diminutive form exercise, such as running machine and weightlifting.    


Running machine needs a lot of space to place it on. And people need to spend a complete piece of time to exercise on it. Comparing with the running machine, dumbbell is more convenient and perfect for people who is very busy in working. You can use it at anytime and anywhere. It won’t make people too tired but still has a good effect in healthy.



Dumbbell is not as heavy as barbell, and is much smaller than barbell. People always would like to buy several dumbbells in different weight to suit for different circumstance. But the consequent question is: where should we store those dumbbells? As we all know, different dumbbell has different surface. It will take lots of space to be stored. If we put them in cabinet or on the ground, the environment may be uncoordinated. Because dumbbell is not a kind of decoration.


So, to solve this problem, I would like to introduce a best product for you - dumbbell holder. The dumbbell holder will make dumbbells have a regular placement - let the dumbbells become a work of art. Meanwhile, those dumbbells could still work essentially and will be easy for you to find them. Now, please follow my step to look what is dumbbell holder and how it works.


※What is Dumbbell Holder?

※How to use & setup the Barbell Holder? 

※Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1. What is Dumbbell Holder?

Dumbbell holder, is a holder which made for saving space from dumbbell and let the dumbbell have a conveniently using. Please kindly check the following picture: this dumbbell bracket is the most popular one in market. It is very strong and could hold 6 dumbbells. And you can easily lift the dumbbell up by it’s unique structure.





2. How to use & setup the Dumbbell Holder?

Please check the following picture: one set of dumbbell holder includes two main pieces

First, lay one piece of the holder flat and insert 5 connecting rod on it.

Second, put another piece on it and tighten screws.

Last, screw the remaining screws.





3. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

- We are a professional OEM&ODM and has achieved excellent results in many industries.

- We have various specifications and models and could custom them as you wish. 

- All year round production with high quality.

- Our products monthly supply more than 50 customers from all over the world and the output is 200,000 pieces.

- Fast shipment and delivery.



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