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JH-Mech Heavy Duty Rust Free Flag Pole Holder Flag Bracket

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JH-Mech Heavy Duty Rust Free Flag Pole Holder Flag Bracket


A Flag pole holder mounts flat and stable to many surfaces - Perfect for securing flag poles on your patio, porch, front yard and more.


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Why choose JH-Mech flagpole bracket?

JH-Mech Flag pole Holder Features

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How to install it?

Package includes

Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


  1. Why choose JH-Mech flagpole bracket?



1.T304 Stainless steel is very strong, rust, weather resistance, you only need to buy one time for decades of usages, also do not like other material, it will not damage to your house.

2. Unique, integrated attractive design, innovative product, light install add more value.

3. When the total life cycle costs are considered, it is the least expensive option.


  1. JH-Mech Flag pole Holder Features

Stainless steel, Nice Finish, Sturdy, Aesthetic

This flag pole holder is sturdy, aesthetic. It could hold up against strong wind, stand up in all kinds of weather for decades, perfect for residential house or commercial building on the wall, porch, yard etc. 


3 Colors Black / white / silver
We have 3 colors: Black / white / silver for your option.

Our aim is to provide Top Level quality and best experience, and we are always standing by to solve any related product's question. 

Flag Holder for 1 Inch Diameter Pole

This flag pole holder fits most 1 inch or little smaller diameter flag poles, with 2 adjustable stainless-steel nuts to secure the pole, the pole won’t run out. It is straight at horizontal 180 degree or angled at 45 degree. BLACK DEMO

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  1. How to install it?

1. Place the bracket against the surface and mark the screw holes' position; then drill the holes by 2" depth.

2. Tighten the screws to lock the holder to the wall.

3. Slide the pole slowly into the bracket,unlock the pole with the 2 butterfly screws




  1. Package includes

1× flag bracket

3× screws

3× thumb screws

4× expansion screws

1×wood drill bit

  1. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


  1. To carefully evaluate ROI (return of investment) of the products.
  2. To supply exact packing details; design and customized boxing for the products.
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