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DIY – Create a trendy feature wall without breaking the bank


Builders show us how easy it is to create your own feature wall by using floating shelves.

You’ll need: 2 x Floating shelves (600mm x 235mm x 38mm); cordless drill; concrete drill bit; star drill bit; spirit level; gloves; goggle; mask; tape measure; pencil

How to:

Step 1: Once you have decided where you want to place the shelves, use the measuring tape to measure the distance from the ground up.

Step 2: Use the spirit level to ensure that there is a straight line. Inside the package, there is a bracket that can be used to hold the shelf in place.

Step 3: Use the bracket and mark off the pilot holes with a pencil (don’t forget to put on your mask).

Step 4: Use the concrete drill bit to drill the holes, once you have completed this, insert the plugs and fix the bracket to the wall.

Step 5: Once the bracket is up, all that will remain is to install the shelf, slide the shelf onto the bracket and use the spirit level to ensure the shelf is level.

Step 6: Place the safety screws at the bottom of the shelf to ensure that the shelves stay in place at all times.

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